School Rules for TEACHERS!

The Hidden Rules Teachers Need to Know

Just as with any work environment, there are hidden rules when you work in a school. Here are a few you need to know before you walk in the door on your first day:

  • Follow rank order---ask a teacher on your team, ask your lead teacher, ask the assistant principal, then the principal. Wherever you get your question answered, stop.
  • IF you are told to do something, or asked to do something by your superior, assume it’s a directive and get it done.
  Teachers in K12 schools need to know the hidden rules for teachers. Pin this!

Teachers in K12 schools need to know the hidden rules for teachers.
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  • Be on time--that means a few minutes BEFORE an event or meeting is scheduled to start. Time is a premium in education, so every second counts. Waiting for people or having to catch people up because they were late is a real turn off.
  • Make your due dates---most administrators really hate it when teachers don't turn in the things they ask for in a timely manner. It creates more work for them and seems disrespectful.
  • Dress professionally---Said the students, “I need you to be my teacher, not my peer.”
  • Don’t leave campus during conference periods.

  • Be back from lunch ON TIME.
  • Sign in and out daily, including when you leave for lunch. That list is used in emergencies such as fires.
  • Never leave your students unattended by an adult.
  • Show up for duty assignments, ready for duty, not grading papers.
  • Never call in the day you need to be off unless you or your child wakes up “dying,” vomiting or with a fever. Go in.
  • Always give prior notice if you are going to have to be out for an appointment or some other personal reason. That means ask for permission.
  • SHOW UP for faculty meetings, and listen respectfully. Bring supplies to take notes. Follow through.
  • Maintain emergency sub plans with meaningful activities. Keep easily accessible.
  • Get permission before you use videos, movies, network or cable TV in your classroom.

  • School procedures are in place for a reason. Follow them and teach students to as well. 

ALWAYS, ALWAYS keep your cool and be respectful to all.