Do These 3 Things First Before School Starts


This article is the FIRST in a series of FOUR posts about what are absolutely the most important things you can do to prepare for the school year.

For some of us, the before-school-starts-period is laden with questions about how to set up our classrooms:

  • What will I put in my classroom?—Back burner, please! We’ll get there.
  • Should I buy these supplies?—See below, first!
  • What décor will I use?—Ok, dream a little.

The fact is that effective teachers start with three other issues and then figure out the furniture and décor. Excitement or anxiety may be moving you to do what you feel you CAN address, but furniture and décor are really distractions.

Here Are the TOP 3 Things Teachers Really Need to Do Before School Starts:

  1. Plan what you will teach and when for the year.
  2. Organize your teacher space and your student space.
  3. Decide what procedures you need for your classroom to run almost on its own.

Address those issues, first, because they will drive the answers to how to set up your classroom.

  Teachers do these 3 critical things to get ready before the school year starts.   Pin this!

Teachers do these 3 critical things to get ready before the school year starts.
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About Those Supplies:
Go ahead and take advantage of the summer sales to buy BASIC supplies to have in your classroom:
• crayons,
• tissues,
• pencils,
• spiral notebooks,
• notebook paper,
• pocket and brad folders,
• drawing paper,
• scissors,
• markers,
• sharpies,
• dry erase markers,
• hand gel.

Most schools will not buy much in the way of supplies, so do not expect to be reimbursed. Also, don’t buy your organizational supplies quite yet because you will buy things that don’t fit your needs. Plus you can always scavenge (ask first) lots of organizational supplies from other teachers and the supply closet!

My next three posts will address PLANNING, ORGANIZING AND PROCEDURES.

Meanwhile, go ahead and buy those BASIC SUPPLIES if you want to. And while you're at it, pick up a school year calendar with plenty of room to write or find an online calendar that you like and is editable (lots of freebies available online).

See you soon!