Hello and Welcome!

I'm Janice Longoria, certified "Explorer" and your guide to becoming an excellent teacher. I have been in public education for 22 years, more if you count my years in health education. I am certified in special education and as a principal in Texas. I taught elementary special education for 14 years and then facilitated instruction and curriculum for 7 years at a 6th -12th grade campus for at-risk students.

I clearly remember those first few years in the steep learning curve of teaching. I also have mentored many teachers through those first few years. New teachers always have a myriad of questions that they need answered and no place to turn without feeling that they are imposing on someone or wasting their own time searching. 

That's why I retired: You need help. I like to help. You need written info. I like to write info.


So, I have a new mission, now:

You! (Y'all, really, since I'm from Texas!) Few people comprehend the magnitude of the teaching profession before they start their first day with students.There's no getting around it. Teaching is a huge responsibility that weighs on us. We truly affect the lives of our students hopefully for the better but, unfortunately, sometimes for the worse.

You have studied and prepared, but you have a million questions--some you haven't even thought of, yet (totally normal, by the way!). Surely there is someplace where you can get those questions answered quickly without taking up hours of non-existent time to find it and apply it. 

Well, as a matter of fact, there sure is. It's called New Teacher Mountain, and you're here! New Teacher Mountain is the place to go for reliable help. It's access to a mentor, timely articles, tips, hints, and curated resources.  Please know that this is a labor of love: ad-free newsletter and a website that is founded on the principles of ease of reading and relevance of information. 

I'm glad you are here!


Janice—as someone who was under your tutelage, I know that you will be the best possible source of advice, support and caring a new teacher could ask for! Thank you for your support with me.
— Andrew Lockhart, Social Studies Teacher

What We'll explore

  • Preparing to teach
  • Creating a class culture
  • Setting up a classroom
  • How to plan lessons
  • Excellent teaching strategies
  • Legal ins and outs
  • Special populations
  • Managing paperwork
  • Dealing with parents
  • The culture of schools